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Although Nagoya is not the most popular place in Japan, it is known for a number of things. More than 10 million visitors come here every year for the beautiful scenery, good food and fantastic views. This is also one of the main reasons why we recommend it as a stopover on a day trip from Tokyo or Kyoto. In spring there are many top activities such as the famous cherry blossoms, cherry blossom festivals or even a visit to the city center.

If you have limited time to plan a one-day tour to Nagoya and have only one day of it planned, we recommend you visit one of the most popular places in the city, such as the Nihonbashi area. If you have more time in this city, you can also visit some of these places during your day trip.

If you plan to book a 14-day trip to Japan or stay in Japan for at least 7 days, you should purchase the Japan Rail Pass. This ultimatum is useful if you visit one of the cities mentioned above or anywhere else. Note: If you want to visit another city in Kansai, consult Japan routes for Kyoto or Tokyo before traveling.

Check Kosoku Bus Willer Express to make sure it is available for both Tokyo and Nagoya on your travel date. If you visit a city in Kansai, such as Kintetsu, Klook or other cities in Japan, you should consider the discounted Kintsetsu Rail Pass, as it gives you a discount on all trains and buses in the city and on the station itself.

If you want to take Takoyaki, you can drive to Osaka in less than an hour, and from Tokyo you can even drive to Mount Fuji in about 90 minutes. If you travel to Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka with the Shinkansen, this pass will pay for itself in a few days. The best way to do this is on one of Japan's most popular railway lines, the Kintsetsu Rail Pass.

If you plan to travel by Shinkansen, get a JR Rail Pass or if the nearest airport has a direct flight to the centre of Nagoya, read our Nagaya guide and see what you can do. You can also take the Shinksansen line from JR Tokaido with the JR Pass for the Hikari Kodama train.

The last stop in Kyoto is the Heian Jingu Shrine, built to mark the 1100th anniversary of the capital of Japan, Kyoto. Today it is known as one of the most important Shinto shrines and a popular tourist attraction in Nagoya and an important tourist destination. There are some more popular attractions to visit in Nagaya, but for the moment this is our guide to the main attractions of the city and the best places to shop, eat and shop.

Buses run to various locations including the city centre, Nagoya International Airport, Nagaya Railway Station and Central Station for the rest of the day and night.

Other attractions in Nagoya include the National Museum of Japan, the Imperial Palace and the Tokyo Dome. Bus lines include a number of bus lines to the city centre, Nagaya Railway Station and other locations.

If you are wondering what to see in Nagoya, you can come here to take a look at the city centre, the Imperial Palace, the Nagaya train station and other attractions. If you are coming to Japan from Osaka-Kansai International Airport and take the Narita Express (limited express train) from Shinagawa Station in Tokyo and then change to Tokaido Shinkansen, it is three hours. Note: You can also catch an express train to Nagoyama from Shin - Osaka station in the morning or evening hours, but only if you arrive at the same time by train on the way back to Tokyo or Osaka. If you happen to arrive at Osaka / KANSai International Airport in Japan and take the Haruka (Limit Express) or Shin Osaka or another train to Shin and Osaka stations, you can get there in less than an hour by taking the Narita Express or a limited express train at Tokyo ShinAGAWA station and then change to a Tokaidai Shinkingansen.

If you take the Nozomi (Hikari) Bullet train from Tokyo Station and take it to Shin - Osaka Station, you can get to Nagoya in less than an hour. If you arrive at Nagoyama Station in the morning or evening by train on your way back to Tokyo or Osaka, it will take you three hours to reach Gifu by JR Meitetsu train. Take the Nozomi or Hikari trains from Shin Osaka Station and then change to a Tokaidai Shinkansen before arriving at Nagaya Station. The GIFu train station, which allows a pleasant day trip to the city of Nagayama, and the Imperial Palace.

By train to Gifu, you can get from Shin - Osaka station in less than an hour by Nozomi or Hikari trains. This link leads to a map of the city of Nagayama and the Imperial Palace, which you can travel to and from the train station.

More About Nagoya

More About Nagoya