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Passengers overlook Nagoya, Japan's fourth largest city, as they travel on the Shinkansen express train from Tokyo to Osaka between Tokyo and Kansai. If you see a tourist in the window of a Shinkanson (bullet train) travelling to Tokyo or Kanai, you can be in Nagoyo.

If you want to see unique goods that spice up the dreariness of everyday life, you can visit the almost open store in Osaka, or if you're familiar with the place and the Japanese who live in the area, you can find some good bargains. You can explore a unique part of the city that is bursting with Japanese charm. If you just want to have the opportunity to see various Japanese shops and their offerings, there are plenty of opportunities.

If you don't have enough time to visit all the shops, you can head to Nagoya Station, where there are many shops and restaurants as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

In this building you will find a number of Bic shops, such as Bic Bicycles, Animate and the BIC Toy Store. There is only one in Nagoya, the 12394023948230948302948 (Asimate) in Tokyo, as opposed to the 1239 4023924230 9484030 2929 4823094, Tokyo. It is located in two cities, including near the Nagaya JR main station, and covers a total of 2.5 million square meters.

You will also find a stage where idols regularly perform, as well as shopping in various not-so-cheap stores. If you are coming from Osaka to Nagoya, another option that is cheaper than the Shinkansen is the limited Kintetsu Express called Urban Liner (abanraina), which runs from Namba Station. The one-day city transport also offers discounted admission to various attractions in Nagaya, including Nagoyama Castle and the Toyota Museum. I think the unlimited ride on the Nagayama City subway has the best offer and is one of the most convenient ways to shop and travel in the city at a good price.

There is a bus service from Meitetsu Nagoya Station (102), which is next to Nagaya Station. The bus leaves Namba station every 15-20 minutes on weekdays and every 20-30 minutes at weekends.

Nagoya is no less than three hours away by taking the Narita Express (limited express train) from Tokyo Shinagawa Station and then changing to Tokaido Shinkansen. If you are arriving from Osaka Kansai International Airport in Japan, you can reach Nagoya in less than two hours by taking the Haruka Limited express train to Shin - Osaka Station, then change to a Tokaidai Shinkingansen and get off at Nagaya Station.

The Thru Nozomi train in western Japan reaches Nagoya from Okayama and from Shin - Osaka station in Osaka it is no less than three hours by train from Tokyo Shinagawa station in Japan.

Nagoya is a great place to spend about 2-3 days before heading on to your next destination. Although it is not a big city, it is worth noting that many day and night buses that run between Nagoya and other places in Japan can be a cheaper alternative to the Shinkansen and local trains. Nagoyama is located in western Japan, about 30 km from Tokyo Shinagawa Station in Osaka and about 20 km from the capital Osaka, and is also on the way to other major cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

If you can't spend the whole day in Nagoya, you can always take a walk from Midland Square, located in Midlands Square, just a short walk from the city centre, to Nagoyama Station.

Nagoya also serves as a stop for limited express trains to the mountain resort cities of Nagano and Matsumoto. The private railway company connecting Nagoya with major Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto is located in Sakae, a short walk from Nagoyama Station and a few kilometers from Midland Square.

Sakae is located in the heart of Nagoya and is next to the Nagoyama railway station one of the most important business districts. Sakae District is the main shopping district in Nagaya and belongs to Hirokoji - dori, which stretches from east to west and from north to south. It is connected to many of the most important buildings in agawa and connects the city centre and the central business district as well as Midland Square. This was the first underground shopping street in Nihonbashi, a shopping centre with a large number of shops, restaurants and shops.

The Nagoya train station is located in the city centre and there are many underground and above ground stations in Nagoya, such as Nagoyama, Nihonbashi, Midland Square and Nagaya. The city has its own shopping centre and is full of shops and restaurants as well as a large number of restaurants and shops.

The largest in Nagoya is the baseball station inside, called the "Nagoya Dome." And it's part of the beautiful green belt in Sakae. I have a great picture of Nagoyama, which I like to brag about, because it is the Tokyo Tower in its entirety.

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More About Nagoya