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Japan is once again Asia's leading property news destination as French asset managers try to bolster the country's growing stream of high-quality residential and commercial real estate. AXA Investment Managers Real Assets has acquired a 10-story residential tower in Tokyo's Shinjuku district, the first major acquisition of its kind in the region in over a decade.

The Ichibancho Heiwa Building is being built by HeIwa Real Estate as a new landmark. The company is converting the former town hall of Nagoya in Tokyo's Shinjuku district into a residential and business complex with mixed use.

Buying and maintaining a house in Japan as a foreigner is very nice, but the convenience of commuting to Toyota and the lush green space have attracted many expats here, which is worth considering when buying property outside Japan. For those who do not live here full time, it is a great place to spend a few months or even a year or two.

If you are a foreigner interested in buying or selling property in Japan, please contact the experienced Nagoya Legal Office. The experienced court clerk Shintaro Ideta consults with the Nagaya Legal Office on all procedures for the registration of real estate associated with foreign nationals outside Japan.

If foreigners want to buy property outside Japan, they must go through the same procedures as Japanese. The most important issues are the purchase of property in Japan or the application for permanent residence and the registration of property in the country.

This notion is also reflected in the fact that foreign investors resident in Japan have been limited to Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka. This makes me wonder whether, given the basic rules of demand and supply, the Japanese city of Nagoya is a good option for real estate investment. After writing all about Tokyo, there is still some time left to cover Japan and other real estate markets. Several books could be filled with information about cities outside Tokyo to this extent, but this guide is about buying property in Japan, not just in Tokyo.

To find the right home for you, compare the offers of five real estate agencies to help you feel ready to make Japan your home.

The guide covers the four largest metropolitan areas in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto and Tokyo - Shinjuku.

Properties located at the bottom of each city should experience some appreciation by 2020 and beyond. In Nagoya, the average rent for a single room will be between 35,000 and 60,000 yen per month. You can expect to pay between 1,500 and 2,200 yen for newly built two-bedroom apartments (built in the 1980s and 1990s) and 3,600 to 4,300 yen per month. The cheapest properties are in the area around Kanayama Station, while prices are highest in the area around Sakae Station.

Meitetsu Railway Company plans to build a 30-storey mixed-use building just south of Nagoya Station and will double the size of Nagaya Station with the construction of a new Shinkansen line to the north. In the long run, this may lead to some appreciation, but it is likely to lead to a rise in the price of residential property near the station.

Real Estate Japan, which specialises in listing properties in six locations, and the Fund will invest mainly in residential properties near Nagoya railway station and other areas of the city.

The location is close to Tokyo, where prices and returns for bargain hunters are not satisfactory, and Osaka, which like Tokyo is rapidly overvalued. Rental yields in Nagoya are low compared to those in other parts of the country, only Chiba has a lower rental yield. Osaka is home to a large number of high-quality residential properties with high rental yields, but also to many low-income families.

On the positive side, low rents are also one of the reasons why many foreigners and locals move to Nagoya. Given that Japan has seen an increase in foreign real estate purchases, coupled with global volatility, this booming real estate boom is unlikely to end anytime soon. With high rental yields and low prices in other parts of Japan such as Osaka and Chiba, the project has proven to be a more affordable option.

This is a very well-known phenomenon in Japan, which can offer a sustainable competitive advantage by investing in nuclear facilities.

Japan is one of the safest countries in Asia to buy real estate, at least from a legal point of view. If you have to be careful about anything, it is with a real estate agent in Japan (see below). Real Estate Japan assists foreign nationals living outside Japan in buying property in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka or other major cities in the country.

However, before you buy a property in Nagoya, it is important to be well informed and to get informed about the area and the market. Issha Hongo is a popular area for expat families in Nagaya, near the Nagoya International School of Toyota. The area around Nagoyama Railway Station is home to a number of popular shopping venues, including Takashimaya Department Store and Tokyu Hands. You can also have fun in the area by visiting some of the popular restaurants, shops and restaurants in the area.

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